About the Ship

The ship insite & out

The Boreas was built in 1897 on a Groninger yard. The ship is called a flat bottom and sailed mainly between Denmark and Sweden in the old days. Nowadays is the Boreas suitable for a stay of 16 people. There are sails for every kind of weather. 

Boreas, God of the Northernwind.

The Sailingtjalk Boreas is a flatbottom which means that it's particularly suitable to sail on the Waddensea. There are sails on board for any kind of wind. Therefore, it's basically always possible to sail. Sailor Henk has been sailing on the shallow for many years. Do you want to learn how to sail or discover the secret spots of the shallow area? Then the Boreas is perfect for you!


The Boreas was built in 1897 in a shipyard in Groningen and sailed mainly between Denmark and Sweden. In 1985 the ship was renovated and in the hold - which previously carried wood and corn - comfortable cabins and a beautiful spacious lounge were created. During the last renovation in 2012 the interior space of the ship was fully adapted to the needs and preferences of our time and therefore it consists of two showers and spacious cabins. The Boreas is suitable for a stay for 16 people.

The ship lower deck

It is wonderful to enjoy spending time below deck after a day of sailing. In the cosy kitchen there are two large tables with sofas. There is a spacious kitchen-sink unit, a large four burner stove with an oven and two fridges. You can connect your smart phone with the boxes with bluetooth. The Boreas has two quadruple cabins and four double cabins with their own washbasins. There are two showers, a toilet and a urinal on board.


You don't need to bring sheets, pillows and blankets, we provide them!